New to Diamond Painting? Have no fear! You're in the exact right place. And we're SO glad to have you!

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a new craft hobby that's a mix between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch. With Diamond Painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin "diamonds" to a coded adhesive canvas to create shimmering Diamond Art. 

Diamond Painting was introduced to North America and Europe by the Paint With Diamonds company in 2017. Since then, millions of crafters around the world have discovered the joy and stress-relieving benefits of Diamond Painting. 


How To Start Your First Diamond Painting

Introduction To Diamond Painting

Step-By-Step Diamond Painting Instructions

Step 1: Remove all items from the package.

Each Diamond Painting Kit comes with everything you need to get started. Take stock of your canvas, set of diamonds, toolkit, wax pad, and tweezers. 

Diamond Painting Step 1

Step 2: Lay your canvas out on a clean flat surface or workstation.

Roll your canvas out on a perfectly smooth and flat surface. Kitchen and dining room tables work wonders. Advanced Diamond Painters head over to Amazon and search for crafting tables. 

Diamond Painting Step 2

Step 3: Select a color or symbol and pour diamonds into the tray. 

Determine which section of your Diamond Painting canvas you want to start painting. Select the appropriate diamonds and pour a small amount into the grooved tray. Shake lightly so that diamonds shift upright. 


Diamond Painting Step 3

Step 4: Apply wax to the tip of your Diamond Pen.  

Peel back the plastic film on the pink wax pads and apply a small amount of wax to the tip of your Diamond Pen. The wax acts combines with the static cling and acts almost like a Diamond magnet.

Diamond Painting Step 4

Step 5: Place each diamond in its corresponding square on the canvas 

Each color diamond corresponds to a specific symbol or character on the canvas. Check the legend on the side of the canvas to figure out which symbol corresponds to each color. Colors are denoted using DMC threads. Peel back the protective film covering in small sections and begin painting. DO NOT REMOVE THIS PLASTIC FILM ALL AT ONCE. 

Diamond Painting Step 5

Step 6: Repeat the process until you have shimmering Diamond Art!

Work your way across the canvas diamond by diamond until you have a gorgeous DIY Diamond Painting! To increase the longevity of your Diamond Painting, consider sealing it before you put it on display! Diamond Paintings were meant to be enjoyed from afar - take a step back and marvel at the beauty. 

Diamond Painting Step 6

    What's The Difference Between Round And Square Diamonds?

    Square Vs Round Diamonds

    In Diamond Painting, you will often come across the terms "Square Drill" and "Round Drill." In Diamond Painting, a "drill" is simply another word for "diamond." So when we consider Round vs. Square Drill, we're referring to the physical shape of the diamonds. 

    Square Drill Vs Round Drill Diamonds

    In choosing between Square and Round Drills, it's important to know that there are no right answers. Each has its pros and cons. Your goal should be to choose whichever shape that you think yields the most beautiful result with the most satisfying process.  

    Square Drill (aka Square Diamonds)

    Creates A Fuller, More Complete Looking Painting.

    Square Drill diamonds look a bit "cleaner" than Round Drill diamonds. They line up more easily and create a "fuller" mosaic look when enjoyed from a distance. The more diamonds you place, the cleaner the rows become. 
    Square Diamonds Satisfyingly "Snap" Into Place. 
    Sometimes it's the little things that matter! When you start making progress on a Diamond Painting and begin filling in gaps, you get a satisfying "snap" as the diamonds settle snugly into place.

    Round Drill (aka Round Diamonds)

    Easier (And Faster!) To Pick Up And Apply Diamonds.
    Round diamonds require less exact placement than Square diamonds to cover the entire square on the canvas, so applying them is a bit faster.

    Finished Painting Feels Less "Complete." 
    Given the round shape of the diamonds, gaps between diamonds may appear more apparent when you're close up with the painting. It's strongly recommended to view your Diamond Painting from afar!

    Cute Old Diamond Couple

    Diamond Painting Popular Techniques

    After placing thousands of diamonds, you may want to switch things up. The fine folks in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group have developed a number of different Diamond Painting Techniques and strategies that everyone can follow! 

    The Checkerboard Technique 

    Checkerboard Diamond Painting Method

    Imagine the alternating black and white squares on a traditional checkerboard. Apply the same method to your Diamond Painting to mix things up a bit on areas with large amounts of the same color. The real upside comes when you fill in the gaps - SO satisfying when everything snaps into place.

    "Row By Row" Method  

    Row By Row Method

    If you have a large block on your canvas with the same color, flip your pen upside-down and get working with your Multi-Placer tool! Using the wider head, apply 3 or 5 diamonds at a time and go quickly Row By Row. This method ensures your diamonds line up easily. 

    "Color By Color" Method

    Color By Color Method

    This one doesn't require much explaining - just work your way across the canvas one color at a time! The downside here is that the exposed areas might get less sticky over time. But on the plus side, filling in all of the blank spots is that much more satisfying than going row by row, for example. 

    "Farm Plot" Method 

    No photo description available.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a farmer and divide up large blocks of the same color into little "plots" that you'll "harvest" on at a time! Are we stretching the metaphor too far yet? Keep each rectangle just wide enough that you can place 3 or 5 diamonds with the wide end of your Diamond Pen. 

    What Does Each Diamond Painting Kit Include?

    Each Diamond Painting Kit comes with everything you need to get started!

    Diamond Painting - What's Inside?

        • Pre-printed canvas with design chart (with pre-applied adhesive) 
        • Color diamonds delivered in separate bags (labeled) 
        • Diamond pen tool
        • Pair of extra-sharp tweezers 
        • Wax pad (used to pick up diamonds)

    When ordering kits, be sure to pay attention to 1) where the kit is coming from and 2) how it's packaged. If your kit is coming from overseas, you'll want to be sure it's packaged securely for transit.

    At Paint With Diamonds, we avoid common shipping problems by wrapping our canvases around foam noodles to avoid creases and plastic wrapping all canvases to avoid water damage. 

    Diamond Painting Tips & Tricks

    Remove Canvas Creases And Imperfections By Applying Weight 

    If your canvas has creases, folds, or other imperfections in it, apply weight for an extended period of time. to flatten it out. 

    What Is Diamond Painting The Ultimate Beginners Guide

    Option 1: Put The Canvas Under Your Mattress. Try using your bodyweight overnight to iron out any creases and wrinkles in the canvas. 

    Option 2: Put Heavy Books On The Canvas: The same principle applies here - simply apply weight in the form of heavy books for a day or two. 

    Option 3: Cut Out Creases With A Crafting Knife: If there are stubborn creases, simply lightly go over them with an X-Acto knife to release any air trapped between the canvas and its adhesive layer. 

    Get Crafty With Creative Storage Solutions 

    In Diamond Painting, organizing your diamonds is more than half the battle. If our conventional storage containers aren't for you, get inspired and come up with some DIY storage solutions!

    Want more Diamond Painting Tips & Tricks? We've got a ton! 

    Embrace The "Oh Sh*t" Moments 

    It's the instance you see your diamonds falling to the floor, almost in slow motion. Or the horrifying feeling when your fur baby walks across your canvas. We call these "Oh Sh*t" moments, and in Diamond Painting they're more or less inevitable. 

    Diamond Spill

    It happens. Here are some common remedies: 

    Paper / Fur /Dirt On Canvas: Grab a baby wipe and go over the area aggressively. The debris will clump up and roll away. Wait for the area to dry and resume applying diamonds. 

    Baby Wipe Diamond Painting Canvas Hack

    Diamond Spills & Mixups: Pop some pantyhose or a t-shirt over your vacuum nozzle to suck up a spill! You can then choose to manually sort the catastrophe, or submit a claim for Oh Sh*t Insurance ;). 

    Diamond Painting Vacuum Cleaner Method

    How To Display Your Finished Diamond Painting

    From professional framing to DIY foam board displays, the sky is the limit when it comes to displaying your finished Diamond painting. You'll want to select an option that's appropriate for your budget and time constraints. Here are a few of our favorites: 

    1. Apply Stretcher Bars To Your Canvas 

    For more of a DIY approach to mounting, grab yourself a set of Stretcher Bars. The instructions are super easy to follow and result in a beautiful display with some added depth.

    2. Mount Your Diamond Painting To A Foam Board 

    This technique involves a bit of measuring and cutting. Head down to your local craft shop (or Amazon) and find yourself a foam board. To create a flat, borderless painting, use box cutters to cut the foam board down to the same size as your canvas (not including the canvas border).

    3. Use Magnetic Hanger Bars

    This method is very low effort and can be done in a matter of minutes. Just grab yourself a pair of Wooden Magnetic Hanger Bars cut to the exact size of your Diamond Painting and clamp them to the top!

    Wooden Magnetic Hanger Frames For Diamond Painting

    Check out our ranking of the 7 Best Ways To Display Your Finished Diamond Painting for more ideas! 

    Welcome to the Diamond Painting Family!

    Diamond Painting Family Fun

    By discovering this wonderful new hobby, you're now part of a giant family of like-minded crafters all busy creating Diamond Art. Welcome to the fold, we're so glad to have you! If you ever need help with anything DP-related, just message our friendly team over Facebook or shoot us an email - 

    Have a question or awesome Diamond Painting tip? Leave it in the comments section down below!


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      November 20, 2019

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      What is the suggested age for this?

      November 20, 2019

    • Rosalie Pollett said:

      What do I do if my kit does not have enough beads to finish it

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      I also like to do diamond painting with a photo. Do you have instructions as how to do it? What do I have to know to get started?

      October 18, 2019

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    • Ken Knapp said:

      How do you about making one of my pictures into a diamond? I have a beautiful picture of Kylie’s daughter, Roxie. That I would love to turn into a diamond for our friends who have her for a Christmas present. Can you help me with this?

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      A copy of the blank canvas would be helpful as a guide to make it easier to see some of the symbols as it can be hard when the stones are in place. I have just started my first picture.

      October 06, 2019

    • Diane Trestick said:

      The diamonds are flat and tiny and are very hard to place. All the videos I saw show very different. I can’t even place them right. Very disappointed. I wish I could return them.

      October 06, 2019

    • Tramakay Castle said:

      Hello. I would like to know if it would be ok to share this link in a DP group that I moderate for. It’s called ‘Diamond Painting… Time to Sparkle’. It’s an awesome link & possibly a chance to spread the word about your company. I have gotten kits from you B4. My very first was from Paint with Diamonds. I loved it! Thank you so much for your time

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      Do you sell a color chart? Some diamond packets only came number with no color codes. Need Help

      October 06, 2019

    • Dorothy Hollinger said:

      I have so much fun doing these. I have done around 25 to 30 of these. My husband thinks I crazy for as many that I have done. Some went to family members and some to friends. I have a few up on my wall. Very calming. Bigger the better. I have done small ones but they don’t come out as good. I have ran out on some colors, so I try to put another color that comes close to the one I run out of and it come out fine. FUN FUN FUN.

      October 06, 2019

    • Peggy Edwards said:

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      August 05, 2019

    • Nichole said:

      I absolutely love these. The only issue I have is the symbols and colors being so similar I can’t tell them apart. For example the one I’m doing now is the season changing and there’s a Q and a D and BOTH are in orange squares!! It makes for a frustrating time trying to find out what’s what so I’m just guessing and hoping it looks as good as the others I’ve done.

      July 18, 2019

    • Kay Nichols said:

      How do I use the very nice pen that came with my Signs Of The Zodiac piece? No instructions came for th pen.

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      June 04, 2019

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      I can’t wait to get started but I’m missing one color and I’m not sure where to find the order # . The color 317-1320 PSDS-362

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      On very large ones is it better to start at an end or the middle and work to both ends. thanks in advance

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      I purchased a 5d diamond painting but the numbers all have the same number. How can I find out what the dmc code is

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    • Joel said:

      I just got my order and have not started it but looked like funn

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    • Melody James said:

      I love doing this so much i keep ordering and i get excited over each and every picture what a great hobbie keep them coming.

      May 01, 2019

    • iLONKA Wieboldt said:

      I have a very large canvas of the snow leopard and her cub (A100010887 90X70.) on the rocks…Unfortunately the number 3839 (Letter E) a lot of the diamonds are glued together and 3/4 of them are like this. Is it possible to get just these diamonds sent to me as I would like to finish this canvas. The E diamonds are very very hard to try to separate and I have put them all into a different container so’s not to use them. Please email me at the above address and let me know if these diamonds can be shipped to me…Unglued and separated.
      Thank You

      June 04, 2019

    • Phyllis Schmitz said:

      Just finished my first Diamond Painting. Waiting to frame it. Love doing this. I have Dementia & this keeps my hands & mind busy. I used to cross stitch but this is better than that. I’m patently waiting for my next order to arrive I sent in on February 27th. Thanks

      May 01, 2019

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      It is very easy when I am working on my diamond painting it relieves my stress level

      May 01, 2019

    • Marlene Cosgro said:

      Can’t wait to receive it. So excited.

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    • Barbara Freund said:

      I have only used the round. But I see that the square are better and picture is clearer. Because small ones aren’t very clear. Am I right. This is all new to me.

      February 03, 2019

    • Skye said:

      I got the wrong beads with my order they are not the same colors or symbols and the number on the canvas is can600065343 and the paper is canx3003788

      February 03, 2019

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