6 Awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage Hacks

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Imagine this. You've got thousands of diamonds all carefully laid out on the table, and you're super ready to begin your latest and greatest kit.


There's only one problem: none of your containers have lids! Surprise, your dog just jumped up onto your workstation, and now your diamonds are EVERYWHERE.


There's gotta be a better way! We dug into submissions from our Paint With Diamonds Facebook community to find the absolute best DIY Diamond Painting Storage hacks that'll take your new obsession to the next level!


1. Use A K-Cup Spinner To Hold Your Diamonds.  

Coffee addict? Then you probably have one of these wonderful K-Cup Organizing spinners lying around! PWD fan Carrie Frazier created a diamond holder out of a K-Cup holder! How innovative. Thanks for the tip Carrie!!!

In case you need to buy one, Amazon's got them for about $14.99. 

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2. Medicine Boxes Are Also Handy To Sort Your Gems. 

"I use medicine boxes. Works awesome! I'd be afraid of that getting knocked over and a lid coming off. Trust me dumping the diamonds all over a carpeted floor is NOT fun!"

Andria Mary Classen hits the nail on the head with this pro organizing tip!  

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3. Empty Out An Egg Carton And Sort Your Rhinestones! 

This diamond storage tip comes to you over easy! Use an old egg carton to sort your labeled bags of diamonds for later use.

When you're ready to use a specific color, simply empty out a number of beads into your organizing tray and put the rest back in the egg carton. Shoutout to Niña Conklin for the pro tip!

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4. Go For Tupperware Containers If You Have Loads Of One Color. 

Did you just get a painting with a massive amount of one color? Are you swimming in 310s right now and not sure what to do withy yourself? 

"I have 38,916 drills in 195 bags. So not fun. I had to put it in a rubbermaid bowl just to have them fit." Awesome tip, Jessica Bolinger!

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5. Get Lazy And Splurge On Amazon Prime. 

Okay, so this one isn't so much "DIY," but it certainly gets the job done well! Bead storage trays like this awesome Elizabeth Ward 45-Piece Storage Set ($17.01 on Amazon) can keep the more obsessive compulsive among us happy. 

DP enthusiast Kathy Oakley says, "Since this is permanent storage, I used my label maker. The labels that come with the system go on the bottom of the containers so it is hard to see at a glance.

6 Awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage Hacks 

6. Use The "DIY Diamond Dry Cleaning" 

You know how all of those clothes at the dry cleaner's are always hung up, labeled, and sorted meticulously? Let's apply the same organizing approach to your diamonds!

As Nathalie Gazaille puts it, "This is my new storage for left over drills... Hanger, pins, mini-bags, stickers (you find in 1$ stores!)... I hang 200 mini-bags! Very cheap to have this storage."

6 Awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage Hacks

Have an awesome DIY storage tip? Leave it in the comments below! And don't forget to share this post with your fellow die-hard Paint With Diamonds fans!


  • Marylin Hall-Zunino

    I use the same method as used in #5. While I am working on a project, I do not open a pack of diamonds until I am ready to use it. Then I place the remaining beads in one of the twenty eight sets. That way if I missed a symbol from a previous color it is handy. When I am all done I store them and move on to the next.

  • Sunday

    I use small Manila envelopes. The coin size. I write the numbers on them in pencil and file them in order. You can reuse the envelopes and they are easy to find. A shoe box with a piece of cardboard down the middle works great. Also baseball card boxes.

  • Rachel Diggs

    Sharon Roscher, yes they are the same numbers to the same color rounds with rounds and squares with squares at least. I can’t compared round colors to square colors yet.

    To the DIY, some ideas, I use the ziplock method to store and a 28 slot (pill storage type of box) to keep my current project nearby. So when my cat is moody and slaps my tray off my lap or the arm of the couch when I grab a soda I still have the stored colors.

  • D

    I would like to know the answer to Sharon Roscher’s question. Can u use the same color beads from one pic to another. Do u use the same numbers or colors.

  • Tina Wickham

    I went to dollar tree and bought tiny little plastic jars with lids. They are found by the crafts. For 8 of them it is only 1.00. Then I purchased a flat container that is found in the kitchen stuff to store them in. It also has a lid. For 6.oo dollars it is cheap and does the job.

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