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DIY Natural Wood Frame Stretcher Bars

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Step1: Take inventory.

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Each Paint With Diamonds Wooden Frame Stretcher Bar kit comes with:

  • 4x Wooden Stretcher Bars
  • 4x "U" Nails
  • 4x Corner Wedges

Step 2: Lay your canvas out face down on a smooth, clean, flat surface. Lay out each Stretcher Bar along the edges of the canvas.

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Make sure each stretcher bar is flush up against the edge of the painting! Otherwise your final product might not come together well.

Also take note that the skinny (narrow) half of each stretcher bar should be facinginward.

Step 3: Use tape (not included) to secure the bars in place on the canvas.

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Step 4: Remove the double-sided adhesive tape on each stretcher bar. Then curl up all 4 sides into each other. Squeeze the corners to secure all of the stretcher bars in place.

Diy Natural Wood Frame Stretcher Bars

Step 5: Insert each "U" Nail into the pre-drilled holes on each Stretcher Bar. Once all 4 "U" Nails are inserted by hand, use a hammer to secure the nails to the Stretcher Bars.

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Step 6: Insert the Corner Wedges into the grooves on the side of each Stretcher Bar. Use a hammer to secure the Corner Wedges into place.

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