Okay, so having opposable thumbs isn't exactly a requirement to Paint With Diamonds, but it sure helps a lot. But that doesn't mean our furry friends can't help us out a bit with some emotional support or silent cheerleading!

With that said, we combed through the Paint With Diamonds Support Group to find 7 awesome photos of cats and dogs helping ("supervising" wink wink) their owners Paint With Diamonds! 


7. This cat.  

"Oh, you wanted to Paint With Diamonds today? That's nice." Photo courtesy of Shanny Estcourt‎.

6. This dog.  

"I don't see the resemblance." Photo courtesy of Jena Marie DiPinto.

5. This white cat.  

"Your painting now belongs to me" Photo courtesy of Asha Stephens‎.

4. This dog.  

"Don't worry, I'm here to help" Photo courtesy of Melissa Riehl‎‎.

3. This cat.  

"I prefer square drill." Photo courtesy of Christina Kuper‎‎‎.

2. This cat.  

"Okay I naps now" Photo courtesy of Beth Rossignol‎‎‎‎.

1. This cat.  

"This seems like a delightful spot to sit." Photo courtesy of Donna Green‎‎‎‎‎.

Does your best friend help you Paint With Diamonds? Share your photos to our Facebook page!

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