Every art project looks better with some extra sparkle! This week, we are highlighting some bling-tastic designs from the Paint With Diamonds Support Group that showcase all the beauty leftover drills have to offer. 

10. This Loving Letter 

I Love You To the Moon and Back Sign

Barb Anderson took her leftover diamonds and embellished this sweet sign. We love the use of pink and green!  

9. This Treasure Chest 

Bedazzled Chest

Olga Attemann bedazzled this beautiful box, perfect for jewelry, hair supplies, and more. It’s an easy project with a high reward! 

8. This Paw-some Picture

Dog Made With Diamonds

Is this dog “fur” real? Vicki Greig used her leftover diamonds to create this cutie. A round of a-paws! 

7. This Magnificent Menu 

Menu Board with Diamond Border

Orders up! Luanna Gilbert created a vibrant border with her leftover diamonds. How tasteful!  

6. This Colorful Container 

Wooden Container Decorated with Diamonds

It’s great to give the gift of diamonds to your friends, and this explosive box is no exception! Carrie Junot decorated this plain wooden chest to give to a loved one. 

5. These Magnificent Mates 

Picture of Queen of England and Paddington Bear

Paddington and the Queen of England? How adorable! Vicki Greig created this heartwarming picture, a great gift for any child or British enthusiast in your life. 

4. This 3D Tree 

3D Printed Tree with Diamonds

Heather Urbanczyk 3D printed this tree of life and used PVA to put the drills on. What a simple yet stunning design!  

3. This Miniature RV 

Wooden Miniature RV Decorated with Diamonds

Buckle up! This adorable wooden RV shines with this smattering of diamonds. Linda Smith Anderson is still working on it, but we think it looks great so far!  

2. This Sporty Sign 

Manchester United Picture with Diamonds

Vicki Greig made the Manchester United picture- a perfect piece for any football lover. We’ve got spirit, yes we do! 

1. This Bear-y Cute Birthday Beer 

Birthday Bear with a Beer with Diamonds

Rachel Hawthorne decorated this sign for her son’s 18th birthday. I don’t know about you, but I think this is the best a bottle of beer has ever looked! 

Do You Have The Next Big Bedazzling Idea? 

Share your picture with the creative folks in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group, and you might be featured in our next blog!

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