IT'S FINALLY SPRING! 🌷 There are a TON of activities you can do to celebrate the season.

You could have a picnic in the park. You could break out your pastel clothing. You could even plant a garden.

But you want to know our favorite activity? Creating Spring-themed Diamond Paintings!

To help inspire your next project and get you in the right mindset, we've put together a delightful Spring poem using some of my favorite spring-themed Diamond Paintings.

Colorful Butterfly and Flowers Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Tracey DeLaura

The first image that pops into my head when I think about Spring is blooming flowers. Spring flowers are the best kind, full of bright colors and charming shapes. And what better way to capture this beautiful image than through a Diamond Painting! There’s:

Delightful Daffodils, Bright and Yellow

Daffodil Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Annie Sines  

Ravishing Roses, Romantic and Mellow

 Close-Up Yellow Rose

Image Credit: Ashley Johnson

A Bunch of Yellow Roses

Image Credit: Deedee Meadows 

There’s Pretty Pansies That Make My Heart Sing

Purple and Yellow Pansies

Image Credit: Alla Slabodina

Bountiful Bouquets, The Perfect Gift To Bring

Bouquet Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Stephanie P

Colorful Bouquet With Diamond Paintings

Image Credit: Shari Green

And Terrific Tulips to Give Tidings of Spring

"Happy Spring" Diamond Painting With Tulips  

Image Credit: Nancy Horst-Schauer 

But what are flowers without their stunning winged friends - the butterflies! Butterflies are a gorgeous flying reminder that Spring is in the air! There’s:

Magical Butterflies Landing on Flowers

Magical Flowers and Butterflies

Image Credit: Pamela S.

Colorful Wings You Can Stare At For Hours 

Colorful Butterfly Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Kristen R. 

Butterflies Next to Messages of Love

Butterflies Next To Text "Love"

Image Credit: Lisa Pacheco 

And Ones With Their Friends Flying High Above

Colorful Butterflies Flying

 Image Credit: Marion F. 

And last but not least, is a sight for sore eyes-

A Blue Butterfly in a Gorgeous Sky

Blue Butterfly Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Lora W. 

But Spring is not Spring without two final things-

Cute Baby Kittens...

Kitten Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Danielle Purvis

And the Easter Bunny! 

Easter Bunny Diamond Painting

Image Credit: Erica Bucaro 

We hope you enjoyed our little Spring poem. Check out the Paint With Diamonds Support Group to see more Spring-themed kits.


  • Virginia A Brandon said:

    Can you send a picture in & have it turned into a paint with diamonds?

    September 28, 2021

  • B.S.T. said:

    some of the pictures that I have done you cant tell what the picture is. but I love doing them and it kept me form being going crazy. I have had surgery on my back and side .

    April 28, 2021

  • Leah said:

    I love diamond painting

    April 21, 2021

  • R.E.B. luypen said:

    ik vind die baby kittens tussen de bloemen prachtig

    April 21, 2021

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