Congratulations on finishing your Diamond Painting! Now comes the hard part. 

Where are you going to put it?!

After all the hours you spent creating your masterpiece, you can’t just put it in your closet. Your hard work deserves to be shown off! However, it can be difficult to find the perfect eye-catching display.   

The creative crafters in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group have come up with all sorts of ways to present their paintings, from homemade frames to multimedia exhibits. Here are some of our favorites!

 8. This Beachy Dream

Dolphin Diamond Painting With Real Beach Display

Joann Vazquez brought the beach home with this gorgeous display. “I had so much fun making this frame & am pleased with the outcome. Materials- Resin for the water, Clay Foam to make the figures, Spray Foam for the rocks, Sand from the beach. I live in Naples Fl.” Talk about fun in the sun!

7. These Full-Wall Fantasies

Butterfly Diamond Painting With Cat Feye Bartholomay’s XL painting needed an XL display. She was able to fill an empty wall with her gorgeous painting. All people, plants, and pets can agree- this is stunning!

Full Wall Jungle Cat Diamond Painting

Regina Leslie hung her fierce jungle cat for all to see. “70x140cm, a total of 124,800 drills. My dad cut a sheet of wood to fit the picture, we glued it to the board and then he cut trim, stained it, and then stapled it around.” Those 110 hours were well worth it!

XL Ostrich Diamond Painting On Wall Gigantic ostriches on the wall= gigantic fun! To create this dynamic display, Samantha Sutcliffe purchased three printing canvases, nailed them together, and glued her kit on top. Her special touch?  “Wide duct tape to completely cover the side. A thin blue washi tape that I placed right up to the edge of the drills to give a crisp finish☺️.” Genius! 

 6. This Cool Pool Cat Creation 

Cats Playing Poker Diamond Painting With Poker Table “My step-daughter has a pool table & has cats. I had a custom 80X60 done by PWD. I then bought a mini pool table and glued the balls to the painting. I added legs to the pool table so she can use it to place light stuff on,” says Joann Vazquez. A multimedia Diamond Painting? Now that's the cat's meow! 

 5. This Exhibit of Love

Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Exhibit “February is here. I can finally display my diamond art. Small picture is cross-stitch. Made the sign with leftover beads 😁,” says Yvonne Aldridge. Love sure is in the air!

 4. These Homemade Frames

USA Diamond Painting With Homemade Wooden Frame Made in the USA! Kristen Potter’s father handmade this frame for her Diamond Painting. This display is red, white, and beautiful.

 Funny Cat Diamond Painting With Creative Hanger “I went to hubby's shop and found a thin piece of scrap wood, cut it for a top and bottom, and spray painted them black,” says Teresa Scharkey. What a great setup for this hilarious kitty!

Goat Diamond Painting With Homemade Frame

This cute little goat needed a cute little frame. Luckily, Nancy Horst-Schauer designed this perfect setting. Gorgeous work!

Squirrel Diamond Painting With Rustic Frame Who knew squirrels could look this stunning? Cindy Peterson used a black chipboard and paper napkins with birch trees on them to create this multimedia masterpiece.

Romantic Diamond Painting With Homemade Frame “My wife finally finished this 25×32cm Paint with Diamonds project! I custom-made the frame and we are both very pleased with the results” says Steve Van Zee. Talk about a husband/wife dream team!

3. This A-Door-able Mat

Diamond Painting Beach-Themed Doormat The world is your oyster when it comes to your Diamond Painting display! Liz Blake created this beach-perfect doormat. “I sealed it with watered-down super glossy Mod Podge. After drying I cut the edge. Bought the board, paints, and stencils, designed, then glued.” If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!

2. This Creative Use Of Leftovers

Diamond Painting With Gem Frame “Since these pictures rarely ever fit a normal size frame, we are forced to get creative. I used double-sided tape around the edges of the picture and used my leftover drills around the picture to set it apart,” shares Shawna Doney. Resourceful and radiant!

1. This Simple Success

Heart Tree Diamond Painting With Black Frame

Katie McAllister figured out an inexpensive yet classy way to frame her Diamond Painting. She shares, “16 x 20 frame for about $6, placed Diamond Painting on cut to size black poster board $1, and ran black Washi Tape around the border for matting.” Proof that a great frame doesn’t have to be expensive!

Share Your Creative Displays

Do you have a creative display or framing idea you’re proud of? Share it with the fine folks over in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group!


  • deborah sullivan said:

    I finished my first picturere of the snowman with 3 birds. Absolutely brought me joy and contentnment whe I was home with Covid Pneumonia. It took me 85 hours! but worth every second. I don’t know how or where to store this masterpiece. Im afraid if I put it in the attic with the other christmans decorations, it will become dried out and the diamonds with fall off. Also I am supposed to spray this with anything to keep the diamonds from coming off or getting dusty. I haven’t found anywhere that tells you how to take care of it for future years. Please help

    April 28, 2021

  • Marilyn Maxwell said:

    Looking to see how others have framed a 5-panel piece of art. I have done 2 for my sister and son (they live in Canada) while I’ve been “stuck” down in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez. Hoping to bring them up travelling in our 5th-wheel once I’m allowed back into USA so size isn’t an issue. Can you post a picture or 2 please?

    April 09, 2021

  • Pamela Vick said:

    What is Washi Tape ???

    April 09, 2021

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