There are certain moments in Diamond Painting where time seems to stand still. At Paint With Diamonds, we call these "Oh Sh*t" moments.

It's when you see your fur baby jumping with reckless abandon over to your exposed Diamond Painting Kit.  

Or the horrifying moment when you discover your toddler used your storage container as a rattle. 

Or the eternity from when your elbow hits your diamond tray to when the diamonds are in a pile on the floor.

If you've ever had an "Oh Sh*t" moment, you know the feeling. I'm sorry. Countless crafters in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group can relate. Here are some of our favorite Diamond Painting messes, mix-ups, and mishaps that are sure to give you some solid schadenfreude! 😉

7. Excitable Puppy Creates Diamond Fireworks 

"I’m trying to keep telling myself 'I love my dog, I love my fiancé' but after months of telling him not to call the dogs when I’m working he still does it," says Lynsey Murguia‎. "My dog jumped right in the middle of my drills and it was like fireworks. This is just what I could pick up (and it’s 8 different colors 😩)

6. Confused Cats Cause Chaos

Sometimes, cats feel like more trouble than they're worth. "Contemplating how much I love my cats... 😑" says Natalia Lynn after discovering the chaos caused by her fur babies. 

"My cat decided she wanted to play on my table today. I wanted to cry" says Vic Makemson‎. Maybe cats are just severely misunderstood? I'm sure their intentions are good...right? Right? 

5. Toddlers And Diamond Paintings Don't Mix

"Note to self, don’t leave diamonds in a place where a 2 year old can dump the box upside down, send help 😫😓" says Sarah Ford‎. To be honest Sarah, your young'n was probably going to find those diamonds wherever you put them!

"My two year old son found my plastic tub storage bin under my bed. 😔" says Julie Enns Hansen. They don't call it the "Terrible 2s" for nothing!

"Grandson (3) was super quiet during nap time. Found him in his older sister's (11) bedroom with all of these poured out on her bed," says Anne Goemmer-Karr. "This is from a 30x40 picture which was stored on the top shelf of a bookshelf. Can we say 'climber?' Guess who will be sorting them?"

4. Just Another Manic Monday

"Well I won't be finishing this project. I bought it as a present and this is what I came home to," says Allie Thomas‎. "Why must Mondays be horrible?" 

3. Putting Diamonds Where They Don't Belong

"Just realized colors are switched on picking off diamonds one by one. 😭😭😭" says Andrea Jones‎. This one is so relatable! Sometimes your head is just somewhere else. 

Once everything is properly sorted, everything falls into place and looks beautiful! But if pulling out each diamond sounds more tedious than it's worth, consider submitting a claim for our Free Oh Sh*t Insurance.

2. Paper In Places It Doesn't Belong

Linda Gillum asks desperately, "Help!!! What can I use to get this off?? 😭😭" If you're like Linda and find yourself in this situation, don't lose hope! Grab some baby wipes and start wiping the affected area. 

The Baby Wipe Method also works for any other type of dirt or debris on your canvas - from dog fur to dust. If you don't have baby wipes, makeup wipes work as well. And don't worry, neither removes the stickiness!

1. Misplaced Elbows And Restless Knees

"Tell me I’m not the only one to do something this dumb 😭" asks Clare Clark. DEFINITELY NOT, Clare judging by the over 500+ people who liked your post. 'Oh Sh*t' moments can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time!

"Right after I finished sorting them for my brand new project ... Bam I lose half of them 😭🤯🤐" says Christie Violet‎. It always happens at the worst possible moment, right?!

PRO TIP: When the worst happens, grab some pantyhose and your vacuum cleaner and get to work! Especially helpful if you want to recover diamonds that fell in a carpet.

What's Your Worst "Oh Sh*t" Moment In Diamond Painting? 

Cat walk over an exposed area? 2-year-old mix up all your diamonds? Share your story with the fine folks in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group and you may be featured in our next blog post!

Free "Oh Sh*t Insurance" From Paint With Diamonds

We know that feel! That's why every order from Paint With Diamonds comes with Free Oh Sh*t Insurance. Whatever happens while you're Diamond Painting, know that we always have your back!


  • Amanda said:

    I had made a booboo and accidentally got foil stuck to my diamond painting. Oops!! Help!!

    May 02, 2022

  • Connie Karger said:

    I got some paper stuck to my canvas & wasn’t aware of the “baby wipes” trick so I used water to get the paper off, but it took the sticky off too! After trying spray adhesives & tapes & glue sticks that didn’t work I found PVC adhesive! The container looks like rubber cement, but it’s much thinner & the cotton ball applicator allows you to do a small or large area and they don’t fall off again after it dries!

    April 06, 2021

  • Lisa said:

    I can relate to the above comments. The biggest pain in the butt is selecting a drill from the tray and the pressure launches several others off into space. I am half way done with my first diamond painting, so not sure how many extra drills are included in kits in general, nor do I have any spares from previous kits-yet. I’m trying to be so careful. though they have forgiveness for oopsies it seems to take a long time if you need replacement drills.

    March 05, 2021

  • Kayla said:

    My moment was recently – I diamond paint to relax because I work 60-80hrs a week. I have a 60 × 60 project that has been going on for a year. But I also have a mini me who wants to do everything I do. She ‘helped’ by pouring and blending at least 6 (very similar) colors into one tray. I think I’m scrapping the whole thing and starting again

    February 11, 2021

  • Sandy said:

    My ah sh*t moment was when I went to pull back the covering on my picture and took a large chunk of the glue with it. Now my drills won’t stick to the surface so need to find some type of glue to finish the large PWD painting.

    February 05, 2021

  • Gail A Gregorich said:

    I sent the picture in that I needed more diamonds for . When will I be getting the diamonds. Talked with Murphy about a week or so ago.
    Said it will be taken care of. So I would like to know asap. Thank you

    February 05, 2021

  • tammy speer said:

    What if you run out off wax before your finished?

    February 05, 2021

  • Deborah said:

    Tired of turning beads over with tweezers to set up? just pour some into the tray and use up the ones that are already right side up. Take the remainder in your palm and very gently “throw” back into the tray. You will have about 50% right side up. Use those up and repeat the gentle dice throwing action. Again, about 50% right side up. Finally math pays off!

    February 05, 2021

  • Heather said:

    I used a couple of those cheap pill holders (that arrange your pills by day) from the Dollar Store. The sections are not fully divided apart! There are gaps that will allow diamonds to move to another section if the box is jostled. >=( I’ve switched to both individual little bottles as well as a couple of “proper” diamond holder boxes to keep my diamonds properly separated.

    Also, don’t let your cat walk on an unfinished painting, no matter how funny it is to see a paw get stuck for a second. You’ll be tweezing off cat hair for half an hour.

    February 02, 2021

  • sacha jamison said:

    I put all my beads in to small travel size toiletry bottles which then fit in a drawer have 60 bottles full

    January 31, 2021

  • Jenny Rintoul said:

    I store my beads in the little foil containers that custard tarts come in from the supermarket. These containers are placed back in their plastic box that holds 6 at a time. I place them all on a large table from lowest to highest number. Colours are quick and easy to find and spills are limited only to the one foil container I am using.

    January 29, 2021

  • Christine Kennedy said:

    I have had lots of the above, I tried the round dotz and enjoyed them, then I decided doing the square dots, but seem to be putting them on wrong, they say put the dotz on with the long side, but which is the long aide. Also so have found that the dotz are various sizes not all the one size.

    January 27, 2021

  • Monica said:

    I had ordered cards from another firm and when they arrived there were no instructions at all.I did not know what the little pink square was for so I proceeded to LICK the diamonds to put in place!!! they are still there but I will not be doing that again!!

    January 27, 2021

  • Jan Boulay said:

    Too much glue used to finish up project, casting a dull, cloudy finish to my beautiful took-forever-to-finish diamond painting. May have to reorder and redo as I particularly love this painting 😕

    January 25, 2021

  • Lynn said:

    I’ve spilled a drink on a Diamond painting but I just let it dry and it was fine. Also got the paper stuck to the canvas it was very hard to get it off didn’t know about the baby wipe idea.

    January 20, 2021

  • Carol Papermaster said:

    I was trying to organize my work space and got paper stuck too my canvas. It was a large (50 X 70 cm) and I was almost done. Thank goodness Paint With Diamonds came to my rescue. I had to buy lots of baby wipes in one package but at least I now have them on hand. Thank you PWD!

    January 20, 2021

  • Jenny said:

    I had my dog steal a plastic bag holding several smaller bags of gems and open the entire thing up in the grass. Thankfully I found most of the gems since she opened them over a conveniently placed dandelion and many of the gems fell on the broad leaves. Too bad I couldn’t use the vacuum trick out there though!!

    January 20, 2021

  • Diana Lynn Speakman said:

    I’ve been hooked on Painting with Diamonds for 4 years and I love them. I have had a few of the Paintings where there is either no sticky left or it’s just barely there. I’ve finally found the best replacement by using double sided tape!! It’s perfect if you have run into the same problem!! Thank you for creating such an awesome and amazing product. I’m hooked for life!!! Diana

    January 20, 2021

  • Kathy Hart said:

    I have been asking for replacement diamonds for over a year, not because I dropped them or can’t find them but because I was not sent enough, but still you have not sent any out to me, a couple of emails with excuses but that’s it.

    January 20, 2021

  • Bunny Becker said:

    I was doing my first painting, and it was a large one. I had a good start when I got sick and couldn’t do my painting for a month. When I was ready to start again I realized I hadn’t put the protective cover on and it was all dried out. I really loved the canvas so ended up gluing EACH diamond.

    January 20, 2021

  • Patricia A Kelly said:

    what am I to do when the sticky part isnt sticky anymore

    January 20, 2021

  • Owen R. McCoy said:

    The picture of the problem when paper is laid across the glue surface is one it only took me two “oh s++t” occassions to learn to immediatley reapply the plastic sheet to the glue area when interrupted for any reason. My only other problem has been when using the plastic dish when picking up one dot. If any pressure is used, the plastic dish slightly compresses, then when the tool is lifted, the dish returns to its shape, and “pops”, literally tossing the remaining dots all over. I have solved this by using a ceramic dish, which does not “give”, and allows the dot to be easily removed. I also use 2" x4" jewelry plastic bags to hold the dots, with the # written on the bag. The plastic dish fits easily into plastic bags, so no dots are lost when returning any unused dots to the bag

    January 20, 2021

  • Sharon Shipman said:

    I do my kits on my kitchen table because right now I don’t have a desk. My little Chihuahua got on the table, wanting to get attention; stepped on a new painting and got stuck. She freaked out, got even more stuck. I did manage to get her unstuck, cleaned the painting and finish it. That baby wipe suggestion worked like a charm and since it was a new painting I didn’t lose any gems.

    January 20, 2021

  • Sandi Lenton said:

    Thank you for the laugh – I’ve had several oh s@it moments myself. As much money as I’ve put into kits I’m sure there is some type of entitlement, right? Too funny. Honestly had I not stumbled across your art the initial lockdown would of been far more tragic for me. As it was I was finishing one big one a week – this past summer however, I had to stop as my back pain (I’ve had 10 discs break, crack, fractured/compress) and it’s come to a crisis wherein the shape and pressure on my stomach from the humps in my spine it has affected my breathing as there is too much pressure on my lungs therefore I can only breath properly reclining or laying down flat. I’m working with the VA to see if we can develop a brace that holds my shoulders up! I need to resume to a semi normal life, while I patiently wait I have 7 large kits to do! Love your craft and have nothing but praise in how you helped me in my oh s@it incident.

    Take care Be Safe

    January 20, 2021

  • Susan Comer said:

    I’ve experienced plenty of the above, mostly of my own doing!

    January 20, 2021

  • Jessica Lynn Gormley said:

    Lol try out your diamonds in these cute storage boxes and it’s on a spin caddie oh shit I didn’t know the top spins to so where I marked the number ummm helpppp I don’t know which Diamond goes to what number lol

    January 20, 2021

  • Sherrill Crosno said:

    I feel relieved knowing you have the Oh Sh*t Insurance I can rely on in case of an emergency. Accidents like those you described can happen to anyone at anytime.

    Thank you and have a great day. Sherrill Crosno

    January 20, 2021

  • Jeanne Brown said:

    Dog decides to walk across picture I am working on and puts his paw in a sticky area and shakes the whole board. Beads went everywhere. To pick the beads up off the floor put a pantyhose over the end of the sweeper hose and suck them up.

    January 20, 2021


    I have no feelings in the tips of my fingers, so I do end up dropping things a lot. So far I have taken my time with these and have only had one
    incident since I started doing these in early 2019.

    January 20, 2021

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