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Oh Yes It's Ladies' Night - With Diamond Painting!

June 01, 2021 3 min read

Oh Yes It's Ladies' Night - With Diamond Painting!

Looking for a theme for your next ladies' night? Why not throw a Diamond Painting Party?!

Whether your get-together is outside, inside, or virtual, Diamond Painting is the perfect activity. Our motto - Paint with Diamonds and Chat with Wine (or your favorite beverage)! Soon enough, all your friends will be just as obsessed with Diamond Painting as you are.

Here are some creative ideas to take your Paint With Diamonds party to the next level!

1. Use leftover diamonds to spice up your invitations

Christmas cards with leftover drills

Sure, you could always send a virtual invitation. But a diamond invite is so much more fun! We all have extra diamonds lying around, so embellish your invites with lots of sparkles.

PRO TIP: Use double-sided tape or a glue stick to make sure everything sticks in place!

2. Start a group chat (or Pinterest board!)

Ladies Night Pinterest Board

Head on over to your social platform of choice and get everyone in a group chat to share ideas. We love Pinterest group boards for this purpose - it's like a wishlist that everyone can add to! Add your favorite kits alongside drink and appetizer ideas.

3. Choose a themed idea

Diamond Painting Dogs

Photo Courtesy of Amy Giammatteo Tate 

The adult version of friendship bracelets? Matching Diamond Paintings! There are lots of different directions you could go when planning the night.

  • Everyone works on the same XL canvas (you could all paint your favorite group photo!)
  • You could choose a theme, such as flowers, and everyone picks their favorite design.
  • Each person gets a separate Mystery Kit and the designs are revealed at the end of the night.

Or, you can all work on that project that’s taking you forever to finish. Whatever direction you choose to go in is sure to create memories!

4. Come up with quality conversation starters

Diamond Painting Cruise

1st Annual Paint With Diamonds Cruise, 2019

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a Diamond Painting is worth a million conversations! Before your gathering, come up with questions based on your painting’s themes and imagery. You will be surprised how much you can learn about your friends.

5. Get creative with refreshments


Working on a Diamond Painting of France? Bring a cheeseboard. A Christmas painting? Make a pitcher of hot chocolate. A photo of your family? Your family’s go-to snack! Themed snacks are a clever way to elevate your get-together.

6. Get crafty with your leftovers

Barbara Linville wooden letters decorated with diamonds

Take the gals on a mini adventure down to Hobby Lobby! Grab some wooden letters, maybe a frame or two, and get decorating with those leftover drills. The best part is that you can be as creative as you'd like - just don't forget the glue from the craft store. The ladies each leave with a little keepsake from a memorable night!

7. Take lots of pictures

Women Smiling while Working on Paintings

I don’t know about you, but I never take enough pictures with my friends. Make sure you take before, during, and after pictures of everyone with their paintings! More likely than not, Diamond Painting night will become a tradition, and it will be fun to have mementos of everyone’s progress.

Do you have an idea for a Diamond Painting party?

Diamond Painting isn’t just for the ladies to enjoy- it’s great for dads, grandparents, kids, neighbors, etc.! Share your creative Diamond Painting party ideas with the fine folks in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group.

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