The April showers and May flowers are done - now it’s time for some summer fun! Diamond Painting is for every season, so why not do some summer-themed projects with your leftover drills?

As always, the fine folks in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group are full of creative ideas for extra diamonds. Check out some of our favorites for the summer!

1. Perfect Your Purses

Bright Flower Purse With Diamonds


What’s brighter than the sun? This sparkling bag! Debbie Jenkins added diamonds to her bag. She’s gonna sparkle the streets!

2. Create Cute Creatures

Butterfly with Diamonds

Decorating wooden designs with diamonds is an easy way to cheer up any space. Mary Omweg crafted this beautiful butterfly, the perfect decoration for any room!

3. Make Waves With The Perfect Present 

Baby Shark picture decorated with diamonds

Vicki Greig decorated this adorable baby shark picture for her Grandson’s 1st birthday. Have you ever seen a shark so cute?

4. Spread Some Love

Love Sign with little butterflies

Stella Godinez made this stunning display of love for her granddaughter’s 50th birthday. “There was a picture of a 50 bill on the O frame, but that didn’t last long!” Hilarious!

5. Flaunt Some Flower Power

Tin Flowers with Diamonds

Sure, flowers may bloom in the spring, but why not hang them around all summer! Mary Omweg created these wooden flowers to hang around her house.

Decorated picture of a bouquet of roses

Vicki Greig designed this stunning flower bouquet with her leftover drills. Perfect as a sweet gift for a special someone or to keep yourself!


6. Inspire Your Loved Ones

"I can do anything with Christ that strengthens me" poster with diamonds

Inspiration messages are always great. But inspirational messages with leftover diamonds? That much better! Roxanna Walsh made this plaque with her spare diamonds for her son’s high school graduation.

7. Bring in the Birds

Birdhouses decorated with diamonds

Look at these blinged-out bird houses! Stella Godinez decorated these cute birdhouses for her daughter-in-law. Great work!


8. Add Some Fun to Your Fridge

Owl Magnent


Melissa Rhea created this oh-so-cute owl magnet with leftover dots. Imagine going into the fridge for milk, and this guy is staring back at you. Love it!

9. Brighten Your Backyard 

Wooden flowers with diamonds
Natalie Boisvert Newton bought these metal flowers to hang on her fence but decided they needed a little extra something. These diamonds are the perfect finishing touch!

Do You Have Seasonal Ideas For Your Extra Diamonds?

Share them with the crafters in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group, and you could be featured in our next post!


  • Carroll said:

    How can get a blank canvas with squares so I can make my own design with my left over diamond?

    July 13, 2022

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