When it comes to decorating your home, nothing looks better than diamond art! Once you hang up your prized diamond painting, why not use your extra diamonds to bedazzle some new decor? There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to diamonds! 

Thanks to the creative crafters in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group, we’ve got ten fresh ideas for diamond decorations for your home. 


1. This Homey Sign 

Home Sign

Vergara Lyn bought wood and used glue sticks to create this cute tribute to home. It’s a great sign to hang on the walls or put on a stand like Vergara did. 


2. These Hanging Hearts

Heart Ornaments and a DVD Dream Catcher

Boy, do we "heart" this! Yvonne Toms gemified these wooden hearts and this old DVD turned dream catcher. These are great ornaments to hang around your home all year round! 


3. This Lovely Lighthouse 

Lighthouse picture in coloring book with gems

If you’re not as confident going freehand with your leftover diamonds, coloring books can be a great tool for making new designs. Karen Anderson is working on this lighthouse picture, which would look great in a frame! 


4. This Spirited Sign 

Rangers Football Club Sign with Diamonds

Go, team, go! Vicki Greig made this vibrant Rangers Football Club picture with her leftover drills. This would be great for any fan’s room! 


5. This Beautiful Birdhouse 

Blue Birdhouse with painted flowers and gems

What’s a yard without a birdhouse? Christie Peluso combined her two loves, painting and diamond art, to create this gorgeous birdhouse. 


6. These Party Animals 

 Dinosaur holding a tequila sign and a tequila bottle with maracas

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Vicki Greig decorated this hilarious picture, perfect for any kitchen or bar area. 


7. This Sparkly Stitch

Stitch with diamonds


Now here’s some diamond fun! Kat Heroe blinged out this Stitch toy. This is great for any Disney-lovers room. 

8. This Beautiful Bouquet 

Bedazzled Bouquet

Ellen Rose DeHolander bedazzled this gorgeous bouquet for her first leftover diamond project. Flower pictures are a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home! 


9. This Creepy-Crawly Card 

Skelton Sweater card decorated with glow in the dark gems

Marsha Galloway Clay added glow-in-the-dark drills on a Halloween Sweater card design to create this spooktacular picture. 


10. This Darling Dog 

Colorful dog picture with diamonds

Everyone’s home needs a dog portrait! Vicki Greig created this colorful pup, and we’re obsessed. Look at that little tongue- two boops!  

Do you have a diamond decor idea?

Share it with the folks in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group, and you might be featured in our next post! 


  • tammy levine said:

    thankyou for the ideas .

    August 17, 2022

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