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9 Hilarious Diamond Painting 'Helpers'

February 09, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

9 Hilarious Diamond Painting 'Helpers'

When you settle in with a nice Diamond Painting Kit, it's always nice to have a furry friend nearby to keep you company!

When it comes to helping you though, let's face it - they're not very useful. Most of the time they just sit there, and in a worst case scenario, they're walking their furry butt across your canvas!

Whatever the case, we love them and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some hilarious moments of Diamond Painting "helpers" from the fine folks in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group.

9. This Sneaky Little Kitty

There's a reason they say "curiosity killed the cat!" Liana Camara's kitten definitely wants to know what Diamond Painting is. Maybe she can do a self-portrait!

8. This Dog With A Dirty Mouth

I don't know about you, but I find drill in LOTS of places they don't belong! That static cling is a double-edged sword. Especially when it comes to our furry friends, like Cindy Stein's pup. At least he was trying to help! Baby wipes will clear that right up. 

7. This Needy Village Dog

"Jessie used to roam the streets of Azerbaijan. Now she stares at me while I'm Diamond Painting waiting for rubs" says Cheryl Hope. What an amazing looking dog, Cheryl! Make sure to give her lots of rubs on our behalf. 

6. This Puppy Seeking Shelter

Take a moment to appreciate Jenna Eatherton's puppy under a "diamond blanket" because it may just be the cutest thing you'll see all day. 

5. This Cat With Similar Ideas

Shannon Setzer's little helper found himself a little nook under her latest Diamond Painting Kit. In case our instructions weren't clear, please remove all cats from under your canvas before diamond painting! 

4. This Kitty Without Boundaries

"If it fits, I sits." Kittens know no boundaries. No doubt Sherrie Roach's fur baby is enjoy the warmth emanating from her Ultra-Thin Light Pad. Much better than my laptop keyboard when I'm trying to work! Just make sure she skedaddles once you put the canvas on. 

3. This Mesmerized Kitty

It looks like Pamela Hutchinson's kitty King Tut is absolutely entranced by our Unicorn Twist Diamond Pen. I don't blame him, these pens are a delight. 

2. This Painting Parakeet

"Tonight's helper.. he's not very good at sorting!" says Cindy Presley‎. Maybe because he doesn't have any opposable thumbs! But it looks like he's trying his absolute best, so A for effort. 

1. This Helpful Hedgehog

Diamond Painting Hedgehog

"My little helper came out of her cuddle sack to help me!! Just kidding... she’s wondering why I’m not doing one with her face 😂" says Alexis Marie Moro. She can wait for the cuddles, Alexis! For now she's just mesmerized by the sparkle. 

Maybe Carol Camales' hog is more helpful? "Helper hog doing inventory with me." I'm sure she's great at counting!

Who's Your Diamond Painting Helper?

Do you work with a hedgehog by your side at all times? Or maybe there's always a parakeet a wing's width away. Show us your Diamond Painting helpers in the Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group!

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February 11, 2021

That is a smart hedgehog. Very cute too. I love all these pictures.

thank you for sharing them .

Donna Cortes
Donna Cortes

February 11, 2021

the parakeet is a cockatiel lol

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