7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks You've Definitely Never Thought Of

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

We LOVE diamond painting. There's absolutely nothing better than unboxing a new kit, prepping your canvas and tools, and spending countless hours putting diamonds to canvas to slowly reveal a masterpiece of your own making.

Fortunately, we're not alone in our addiction to this amazing new craft hobby! The passionate folks over at the official Paint With Diamonds Support Group are always sharing progress, tips, and tricks that make paint with diamonds lovers absolutely giddy! 

We've gone through hundreds of posts to find the best paint with diamonds tips and tricks. Read ahead for our favorites! 

7. Use egg cartons to organize your diamonds 

Raise chickens? Or did you just cook an omelette and use up all your eggs? Use the container to organize your diamonds! Courtesy of Niña Conklin. 

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

6. Tape or glue your diamonds next to their symbol on the canvas. 

Easily reference the diamonds you need at quick glance! Tip courtesy of Heidi Proctor and Angela Earley!

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

5. Use a marker to put the number or symbol on each diamond bag.  

If egg cartons aren't your style, simply sort the diamonds into the plastic Ziploc bags included in your kit. Then write the corresponding number or symbol on the outside of the bag. Tip thanks to Kelsey Kelso Bjork!

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

4. Use a cutting board as a flat surface for your canvas.

Can't find a good surface to use to complete your paint with diamonds? Just tape the canvas to a normal kitchen cutting board! Just wash it first ;). Thanks for the tip, Suzie Pini van Deurs!

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

3. Use a multi-diamond applicator tool to speed up the process!

Don't be afraid to pick up more than one diamond at a time! Most of our kits come with a double-sided tool that lets you pick up one diamond at a time, or a bunch! Tip courtesy of Brooke Stubbs. 

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

2. Flatten your canvas by sleeping on it. Literally. 

This one comes straight from Ali King, who says, "put it between two pieces of cardboard. Put that under my mattress and sleep on it overnight. Works great! I do that once I'm done with it as well, just to make sure all the diamonds are fully adhered."

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

1. Stop static cling with dryer sheets. 

Isn't it annoying when your diamonds stick to everything BUT the canvas? PWD fan Ariel Rocha recommends cutting up a dryer sheet and placing  small pieces of it in whatever you are storing the gems in. Game changer!

7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks Youve Definitely Never Thought Of

Have an awesome tip that we missed? Leave it in the comments below! And don't forget to share this post with your fellow die-hard paint with diamonds fans!


  • Billie

    For serious diamond painters : at Walmart Mart in the craft department, I found very nice bead containers. These rectangular containers each hold 28 separate round containers with screw on lids…. then the rectangular container itself has a lid. These are $8.97 each. Then, I go to the school supply section and purchase the round garage sale stickers. I also purchased a permanent marker pen. I placed each drill DMC number on a sticker and placed it on the top of one of the individual round containers. (All DMC numbers are the same no matter who you purchase your canvas from…. although different makers may use different symbols for the same DMC color.) I fill each container with a colored drill from the painting I am doing. ( If there are too many drills to fill the round container, I fill the container as full as I safely can then if I have extra drills..I just fold over the top of the drill bag and tape it closed with clear tape so that I can still see the drill number on the bag. These extra drill bags are then put into a zip lock storage bag…. so all my extra drills are in one spot and are easy access when I need to refill one of my circular containers. Now, I put my circular containers in numerical order in the rectangular container. Now go to houseware department …. there you can find a plastic storage container that is just a little wider than the rectangular storage container with the enclosed round containers, this storage container costs $4.97. It will nicely seat 4 of the rectangular containers which will take up about 1/2 of this larger storage containers space. In the other half of the bigger storage container, I keep my other diamond painting equipment….. washy tape, small pair of scissors, extra drill boats, drill pens and wax and a small 6" wide rubber roller and a ruler..the beauty in all of this is that all the containers are clear and have lids. Makes it easy to find everything. Yes…. it is a little on the expensive side, but we’ll worth it if you are serious in maintaining this joyful hobby. NEVER throw away your extra drills. Purchase small craft zip lock bags. The ones that are 2" or so square. Write the DMC number on the bag with permanent marker. Use the number ONLY…. not the symbol because as I stated before…. each company uses a different symbol… the DMC numbers will ALWAYS be he same. Toss these small bags of extra drills into a zip lock sandwich bag. This way you will have extra drills if needed for a different painting or you might be lucky enough to have enough extra drills to change a color in a different diamond painting. Example: changing brown eyes to green eyes / changing pink lipstick to red etc. Also, I DO NOT spray over my beads to affix to canvas… I use my rolling pin. Using a spray on top of you beads weighs them down and dull the brightness and sparkle that is the reason that you are doing diamond paintings in the first place. Also I DO NOT put my diamond paintings behind glass in a frame for the same reason. I place my paintings on cardboard and either mat around the picture or make my own matting by using cardboard sprayed with fabric adhesive and use a lovely fabric that compliments y picture as a surround then, use a frame without the glass. I simply dust my diamond painting occasionally with a swifter or a feather duster. I hope my suggestions to you are helpful. We spend a lot of time doing these beautiful artworks. Take care of them properly and they will last and maintain their original beauty. Have fun my friends. May you have many enjoyable hours with this craft.

  • Billie

    Could you please separate the 7 amazing tips from the comments, question and tips from other users. I have spent o much time this evening having to scroll down on every page to get to other diamond painters comments. Although those 7 tips are good….. they do not need to be on every page. At about page 6, I decided I was through with scrolling and stopped reading others comments. I am positive that this flaw on your website has caused others to give up reading comments from others as well. I love diamond painting and love and appreciate the help offered on this site… but as a Web designer ….. I feel my suggestion would be beneficial in being easier to access information for your intended clients. Other than that 1 small flaw, your website is fantastic. Thank you for reading my text. Bj

  • Denise Crane

    I’m out my 4th big diamond painting and I’m addicted. I can do lots of other crafts but I can’t stop working on these. I love it. Super fan.

  • JOni

    Get tips. Just a beginner and these all help. Thanks.

  • Jeniffer Fraker

    I just cut off the number from the pack, tape it on my bottle or baggie

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