These Amazing 5D Diamond Painting Time-Lapse Videos Will Relieve Your Anxiety

These Amazing 5D Diamond Painting Time-Lapse Videos Will Relieve Your Anxiety

Okay. So maybe you're waiting for your next batch of Paint With Diamonds to arrive. Or perhaps you've just spent the last 10 hours straight drilling and you're borderline delirious.

Either way, what you need to do right now is zone out and watch some incredible time-lapse footage of other people doing the hard work! Go full screen and zone out as you watch some truly stunning pieces take shape! 

All videos featured below were created by our gifted video partner Julalak Chutisiriyanont. Click here to subscribe to her YouTube channel for more incredible videos like these! 


Galaxy Eyes - 40x50cm - 47 Colors - 38 Hours

This incredible footage of our Galaxy Eyes painting coming together features an incredible array of 47 colors assembling to form a contemplative kitty. It took our talented crafter Julalak 38 hours to complete this 40x50cm gem.


Soulmates - 90x60cm - 48 Colors - 39 Hours

Soulmates is without doubt one of our most popular paintings, and rightfully so! It's a beautifully romantic piece with such vibrant contrast. We've seen so many incredible photos from our fans of this completed painting - now watch as Julalak drills her way through a 90x60cm canvas over 39 hours.


Rainbow Stroll - 50x40cm - 35 Colors - 30 Hours

Rainbow Stroll is one of the more popular pieces in our exclusive 2018 Leonid Afremov Collection. We appreciate the wide variety of vibrant hues and romantic essence inherent in this design. It took Julalak just 30 hours to finish this 50x40cm masterpiece. Can you beat her time? 


The Kiss - 40x56cm - 25 Colors - 32 Hours

This gorgeous Paint With Diamonds interpretation of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" could belong in a museum itself one day! Our Julalak spent 32 hours recreating this stunner. 


Peacock - 40x90cm - 36 Colors - 42 Hours

Did you know that the peacock is a symbol of integrity and rejuvenation? Rejuvenate your mind while you drill away on a Peacock diamond painting! It took our Julalak just 42 hours to complete this piece - how long will it take you?


Van Gogh's Starry Night - 50x35cm - 28 Colors - 30 Hours

Do you know what inspired Van Gogh to paint Starry Night? “This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big." Channel your inner Van Gogh with this fabulous diamond painting - it'll take you about 30 hours to finish! 


BONUS VIDEO: Paint With Diamonds Unboxing!

Experience the thrill of opening a brand-new diamond painting RIGHT NOW! ... vicariously through this incredible Paint With Diamonds unboxing video ;). 


Final Thoughts...

These Amazing 5D Diamond Painting Time-Lapse Videos Will Relieve Your Anxiety

P.S. - Don't forget to subscribe to the lovely Julalak on YouTube to be the first to know about her latest cool videos!


  • Brie

    I completely agree. Please! Could/would you add the PWD pictures sizes in INCHES also? I just convert them all into inches but that takes an extra step…think about it? THANK YOU PWD!! I love my new hobby! Now I just gotta find enough time to do them:) lol

  • VICKI Krause

    How do you use the duel sided pen?I have know clue the waxy side mushed and the non waxy side does what?

  • Vickie Davison

    Do you have a video that shows how to frame the pictures?

  • Elaine Allen

    For those of us that do not normally measure things in centimeters, could/would you also add the PWD pictures sizes in INCHES???? I know it would help me immensely when deciding which one to order. THANK YOU for PWD….. my newest hobby. I also have my granddaughter waiting patiently on her Eifel Tower!!!

  • Martha Nguyen

    That very interesting. I already order6 or 8 diamond with paint. That my first time doing that kind of hobby. That would my first hobby.

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