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Wholesale Diamonds

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Order Bulk Diamonds - Square Or Round Drill

Want to order wholesale diamonds? No problem! Tell us the shape, color, and quantity needed by following the steps below.

*Instructions To Order Your Diamonds*

Step 1. Select The Quantity Of Diamonds You Need From The Dropdown Menu.

Note: Each bag contains between 210-230 diamonds.

Step 2: Enter The DMC Color And Quantity Of Bags Needed On Separate Lines.

  • Color: #### (give us 3- or 4-digit number that corresponds to the color(s) you need)
  • Quantity: ## (give us the number of bags needed for each color)

Step 3: Choose Square Or Round Diamonds From The Dropdown Menu.

Step 4. Add To Cart And Checkout. Confirm The Colors And Quantities Are Correct.

If you need any help, please message our Facebook page or send us an email (support@paintwithdiamonds.com).

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