Hungry Bunny Diamond Beginner Kit

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Beginner Kit For Kids - Crystal Diamonds (Full Canvas)

Let The Little Ones Join In! Full Canvas Crystal Diamond Kits For Beginners.

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Finally, the kids can join in! Choose from hundreds of simplistic designs with very large drilling areas - PERFECT for beginners of all ages (and especially children 👶)

  • BEGINNER KIT DESIGNED FOR KIDS: Each beginner kit features only a handful of colors and very simple designs, perfect for beginners!
  • SPECIAL CRYSTAL DIAMONDS: Each kit comes with special crystal diamonds - 2 sizes, small and large diamonds - that create a dazzling 3D effect when assembled.
  • 100% FULL DRILL CANVAS: Crystal diamonds cover 100% of the canvas - no area is left without diamonds!
  • TRUSTED 5-STAR QUALITY: 150,000+ happy customers and over 1,000 5-star reviews from our delighted customers testify to the high quality of our kits and customer service!
  • FREE “OH SH*T!” INSURANCE: If you drop your kit, mix your diamonds up, get your puppy’s fur on the canvas, whatever happens - we’ve got you covered. Apply for a free replacement!


We ship our diamond paintings from state-of-the-art printing facilities located overseas. Please allow 12-30 business days for shipping. Orders may ship in multiple packages.


Need help with your purchase? Shoot us an email at! Click here for detailed instructions in English - complete with pictures and videos!


What's In The Package?

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started!

  • 1x premium high-quality sticky labeled canvas
  • 1x diamond pen tool (also used to apply diamonds)
  • 1x wax pad used to pick up diamonds
  • 1x organizing tray (shake lightly to sort your diamonds)
  • 1x frame included (select frame option above)
  • Printed instructions (for more detailed help, see our How-To!)


Conversion Table

Our sizes are listed in centimeters. Please refer to the chart below for an idea of how large your painting kit is in inches.

30cm 12in (1ft)
40cm 16in
50cm 20in
60cm 24in (2ft)
70cm 28in
80cm 32in
90cm 36in (3ft)
100cm 40in

1 in = 2.54 cm


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