Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds
Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds
Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds
Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds
Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds
Dog Diamond Painting Kit - Affection- - Paint With Diamonds


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*Limited Print* 100% Full Drill Square Diamond Painting Kit

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© Dean Russo /

**This product is licensed by Dean Russo to Paint With Diamonds. For more information about the artist, please visit the official Dean Russo Facebook page!**

Dean Russo Painting Exclusively At Paint With Diamonds! 

We're so excited to announce our licensing partnership with Dean Russo, a "doggone-good" Brooklyn-born artist who specializes in beautifully colorful depictions of pets and pop culture icons!

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According to, Dean "captures smiling dog faces or quizzical cat stares in near photographic quality, with unexpected colorful palettes and doodles." Here's a bit about Dean's creative process, straight from Mr. Russo himself: 

"Each piece begins with a bold ink outline. I then focus on the eyes of my subject. The eyes are perhaps the most important element in a piece; they hold every part of the subject’s characteristics. Bold colors juxtaposition with abstract patterns to project the hidden soul of a living species is what compels my work. Portraying the energy and joy that can sometimes be lost in otherwise preconceived notions of the subject is what drives me."

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At Paint With Diamonds, we believe artists should be fairly compensated for their creative genius. When you buy with us, you're supporting the artist and doing your part to ensure that they keep putting their beautiful designs out into the world. Thank you so much for your support. 



We ship to anywhere in the world for free. Because we custom print our kits overseas, shipping takes approximately 12-30 business days in total. Orders may arrive in multiple packages. 


Customer happiness is our #1 priority. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, let us know! We'll be happy to refund you 100% of your purchase price or ship you replacement kits. 


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What's In The Package?

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started: 

  • 1x numbered adhesive canvas (with design chart)
  • 1x pair of tweezers (used to apply the diamonds)
  • 1x diamond applicator tool (also used to apply diamonds - you choose!)
  • 1x wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the applicator tool
  • 1x green grooved organizing tray
  • Extra plastic bags for diamond storage 
  • Colored resin diamonds (different colors in labeled baggies)
  • Printed instructions (for more detailed guidance, see our How-To!)

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**Frame not included. Some kits may only include the tweezers OR the diamond applicator tool. Please reach out to if you need a replacement!**


Why Should You Order?

  • CREATIVE CRAFTING - Fun and enjoyable for craft lovers young and old 
  • STRESS RELIEF - Channel your attention and achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation
  • DIY HOME DECOR - Create your own wall art; no artistic ability required!
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, give them a gift they'll love
  • FAMILY FUN - Spend a special night in with the family (Family Craft Night!) 

Need help with your purchase? Shoot us an email at! Click here for detailed instructions in English - complete with pictures and a video!


Conversion Table

Our sizes are listed in centimeters. Please refer to the chart below for an idea of how large your painting kit is in inches.

30cm 12in (1ft)
40cm 16in
50cm 20in
60cm 24in (2ft)
70cm 28in
80cm 32in
90cm 36in (3ft)
100cm 40in

1 in = 2.54 cm


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