PWD Black Friday Gift Card Giveaway


This 🦃day, we’re giving our thanks to our wonderful fans and followers by giving away $1000 worth of gift cards to 10 lucky winners! ($100 each) 🎁

Absolutely no purchase is necessary! To enter, all you need to do is click the link below (opens in Messenger).


Q: How do I enter the giveaway?
A: Click the link above to enter. We'll send you a Facebook message that confirms your entry. You don't have to do anything else after receiving the Facebook message!

Q: Do I need to buy something to enter?
A: Nope, no purchase is necessary! 

Q: How will winners be determined?  
A: Winners will be determined at random by Paint With Diamonds senior staff. 

Q: When will contest winners be announced? 
A: Winners will be announced on 11/27/19 at 8PM EST. We'll do a live video stream on the PWD Official Facebook Page, and also the PWD Facebook group. 

Q: Will winners be notified personally? 
A: Yes. In addition to announcing winners on Facebook Live, we will also reach out to each winner individually via email and/or Facebook messenger. 

Q: Can I enter the giveaway if I'm not in the US? 
A: Yes, all countries are eligible to enter the giveaway. 

Q: Will placing an order increase my chances of winning? 
A: No, placing an order with Paint With Diamonds will not increase your chance of winning. 

Q: What are my odds of winning?
A: Your odds of winning the giveaway depend on the total number of giveaway entries. 

Q: I'm having problems entering the contest. Who can I talk to? 
A: Email Cheryl, our Head Of Customer Happiness - Put "Enter Contest" in the subject line!

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