Oh Sh*t! You had a really bad moment?

Questions? Concerns? We're happy to help!


Let's say you got a little too excited while organizing your diamonds, and twelve colors end up getting mixed up. Or your little cousin decides to shake your diamond storage box and suddenly you have the diamond equivalent of gray Play Doh.


If something happens as you're working on your
project that you can't fix simply, send us a message
and we'll send you either replacement diamonds
or a new kit at absolutely no charge to you!

"That's crazy! It'll end up costing your company so much money!"

Maybe, hypothetical customer reading this.But what's MOST important to us in running this business is that all of our customers feel safe and secure when ordering from Paint With Diamonds.

"So how does this work? I just ask for a replacement?"

Kind of. Here's the thing. We have a LOT of faith in our customers,and trust that if you're taking us up on this offer,your claim is legitimate. We want to work with you to achieve the best outcome - whatever your situation is, message our team and we'll work something out :).

Step 1:

Take a photo of the damage.

**To qualify for the guarantee, you MUST submit photographic proof of the damage done to your diamond painting kit.**

Step 2:

Submit your photo below, along with a brief explanation of what happened. For your message to us, please use the following format:

**To qualify for the guarantee, you MUST submit photographic proof of the damage done to your diamond painting kit.**

  • Name:
  • Email: (the email used when you placed your order)
  • Previous Order Number:
  • Description Of Issue:
  • Requested Resolution: (tell us how you would ideally want us to help you out)

*If you're having trouble with the form, you can contact us directly by either:

  • Sending an email to
  • support@paintwithdiamonds.com Messaging our Facebook page
Step 3:

Someone from our Customer Happiness Team will evaluate your submission.

Please allow 2-4 business days for a response from when you submit your initial claim.

Step 4:

If your submission qualifies for the "Oh Sh*t Insurance," a Customer Happiness Representative will walk you through the process of getting free replacement diamonds or a free reshipment.

Please note that we may try to provide alternative solutions to work the situation out without a
reshipment. For example, many of our customers have had success picking up fallen diamonds
using pantyhose and a regular vacuum cleaner. But rest assured, we will see to it that your
situation if fixed, regardless of the solution!

At Paint With Diamonds, we're tired of telling people there's nothing we can do when something
like this happens. People make mistakes! We're all human, and accident happen. Why should our
time and effort be flushed down the drain because our fluffy companions want to help us
diamond paint? Love, Paint With diamonds

Paint With Diamonds

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