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Diamond Painting Kit - 100% Full Drill

Let your mind wander and feel the stress melt away!

  • 100% FULL DRILL KIT: Each kit includes a 100% Full-Drill Canvas (diamonds cover the whole canvas), individually packaged diamonds, stainless-steel tweezers, premium diamond pen with cushion, wax pad, and grooved tray. 
  • PREMIUM LUXURY QUALITY: We precision manufacture our own 100% acrylic diamonds (never oily!) and premium velvety-smooth canvases that never crease or fold. 
  • 5-STAR REPUTATION: 300,000+ happy customers can't be wrong! Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction with 4.2/5 stars based on over 4,000 opinions.  
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve always got your back! Kits come with a lifetime Missing Diamond Warranty
  • FREE “OH SH*T!” INSURANCE: Every purchase comes with free "Oh Sh*t! Insurance" - if anything bad happens, we’ll send you replacement diamonds or a new kit for free.

The Fine Print  

Please allow 12-30 business days for shipping. Orders may ship in multiple packages. For fast US shipping options, have a look at our US selection here!

Need help with your purchase? Shoot us an email at support@paintwithdiamonds.com! Click here for detailed instructions in English - complete with pictures and videos!

What's In The Package?

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • 1x premium adhesive canvas rolled around a foam noodle and vacuum-sealed in waterproof cellophane   
  • 1x set of individually packaged diamonds in resealable ZipLoc baggies 
  • 1x premium diamond pen tool with soft cushion and detachable 3- and 5-diamond heads 
  • 1x wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen
  • 1x grooved organizing tray (shake lightly to sort your diamonds)
  • English printed instructions (for more detailed help, see our How-To!)

**Frame not included**

Conversion Table

Our sizes are listed in centimeters. Please refer to the chart below for an idea of how large your painting kit is in inches.

30cm 12in (1ft)
40cm 16in
50cm 20in
60cm 24in (2ft)
70cm 28in
80cm 32in
90cm 36in (3ft)
100cm 40in

1 in = 2.54 cm

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