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PWD Ultra-Thin 3.5mm A4 LED Light Box (Dimmable)

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Illuminate your Diamond Painting experience! See the symbols on your canvas with absolute clarity and ensure your diamonds are perfectly aligned with an Ultra-Thin Light Pad. 

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EASE THE BURDEN ON YOUR EYES:Flicker-free and super bright! Illuminate every symbol on your canvas so you're never in the dark again - stop squinting!

Choose from 3 different illumination settings. Find the right brightness for you!

ULTRA THIN AND SUPER DURABLE: Made with ultra-thin acrylic (just 3.5mm across!), built to withstand scratches and light drops with ease.

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: Just plug the included USB cable into an adapter (not included) and you're good to go!


Material: Acrylic
Power: 5 V-12 V DC
Light source: LED
Power consumption: 2.2 watts