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PWD Premium 140-Piece Diamond Painting Toolkit

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Want larger diamond trays? Need more pens? How about some containers to organize all your diamonds? This premium set has it ALL!

  • 1x Jumbo Pink Toolbox: Used to store all of your items! Robust, roomy, and super durable.
  • 15x Storage Containers: Secure your diamonds and avoid spills using the included 15x sealable storage containers
  • 4x Standard Diamond Pens With Cushions: Who doesn't need a spare pen (or 3)? Each pen features a little rubber cushion to help with grip.
  • 50x Wax Pads: Never run out of wax ever again! 50x little pads included in each order.
  • 2x Plastic Clamps: Keep your canvas secured to the table you're working on!
  • 2x Tweezers: Used as an alternative to the diamond pens. You do you!
  • 1x Light-Up Tip Diamond Pen: Featuring a cute little character at one end and a little light that activates when pushed on the other, this delightful little tool will help you better see where you're placing diamonds.
  • 20x Ziploc Bags: Keep diamonds sorted and organized for later use.
  • 120x Numbered Stickers: Receive 3x sets of stickers (2x that go from 1-50, and 2x that go from 1-20). Keep your diamonds nice and labeled!