Diamond Painting Accessories - Premium Stainless Steel Bent + Straight Tweezers-1x Straight Tweezers-
Premium Stainless Steel Straight Tweezers

Premium Stainless Steel Straight Tweezers

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Premium Stainless Steel Straight Tweezers

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Upgrade Your Tweezer Experience! The Stainless Steel Alternative To Your Diamond Pen. 

Tired of your pink diamond pen? Hand getting cramped up? Try placing your diamonds with a premium stainless steel pair of precision tweezers!

  • ANTI STATIC TO AVOID DIAMOND CLING: Place all your diamonds without worrying about the static cling - fewer rogue diamonds falling all over! 
  • SUPER DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Each pair of tweezers is created with high-quality anti-corrosive stainless steel.
Need help with your purchase? Shoot us an email at support@paintwithdiamonds.com! Click here for detailed instructions in English - complete with pictures and videos.

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • 1x premium adhesive canvas rolled around a foam noodle and vacuum-sealed in waterproof cellophane   
  • 1x set of individually packaged diamonds in resealable ZipLoc baggies 
  • 1x premium diamond pen tool with soft cushion and detachable 3- and 5-diamond heads 
  • 1x wax pad used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen
  • 1x grooved organizing tray (shake lightly to sort your diamonds)
  • English printed instructions (for more detailed help, see our How-To!)

**Frame not included**

Please note that small kits (<30cm) may ship in padded envelopes instead of cardboard boxes. 

We ship from our custom printing facilities located overseas in China. Because the items are coming from overseas, shipping usually takes between 9-30 days door to door (excluding processing time). In extremely rare cases, shipping will exceed 30 days due to factors such as shipping congestion, customs delays, and high order volumes. 

Typical shipping timeframes are as follows: 

USA: Between 9 - 30 days average 

Canada: Between 20 - 30 days average

Europe: Between 20 - 40 days average

Australia: Between 20 - 40 days average

All Others: Between 30 - 60 days average

Our sizes are listed in centimeters. Please refer to the chart below for an idea of how large your painting kit is in inches.

30cm12in (1ft)
60cm24in (2ft)
90cm36in (3ft)

1 in = 2.54 cm