9 MORE Diamond Painting Tricks You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Whether you're currently working on your 17th kit or just beginning on your first, there's always something new to learn in the wonderful world of Diamond Painting!

As a follow-up to our massively popular 7 Paint With Diamonds Tricks You've Definitely Never Thought Of, we're coming in hot with another 9 tips that will take your Diamond Painting experience to the next level.

9. Combat static cling with Static Guard Fabric Spray

Are your diamonds relentlessly clinging together? Grab a can of Static Guard Fabric Spray and blast a small amount onto your diamonds. 

As an alternative, you can simply use your run-of-the-mill dryer sheets to make sure your diamonds stop clinging together. 

8. Break up diamond clumps using 2 trays

No need for surgery to separate diamonds that are melded together! Just use two diamond trays you have lying around. Place one on top of the other and press down - you'll hear a satisfying “POP” when they separate.

For any stubborn diamonds that are resistant to the squeeze, rub trays back and forth until they can resist no more!

7. Use nail polish remover to remove the legend before framing 

Have you ever framed a painting and can't help but notice the DMC grid peeking out of the side of the mat or frame?  They won't notice it, but it will bother you forever!  Catherine Woodward suggests using nail polish remover or acetone on a cotton pad to remove the diamond legend and other writing before framing.  

6. Use an iPad to see canvas symbols more clearly

Waiting on your Light Pad in the mail? Have an old or unused iPad lying around? Open up a Flashlight app or a display a blank page in your browser to illuminate your diamond painting experience. Let there be light! 

5. Use a puzzle roll-up mat to take your kit with you on the go

Thinking of flying back from vacation early because you just can't live another moment without your diamond painting? Use a puzzle carrier to transport your WIP.

If you have more space and less money, just place your diamond painting in between two pieces of foam board and tape them together. 

4. Increase the longevity of your finished canvas by sealing it.

After you're done with your diamond painting (congrats!), you'll want to keep it looking as gorgeous as the day you finished it. Grab some Mod Podge and apply a coating to lock your diamonds in place and keep your painting pristine for years to come.

For more on sealing your finished kit, check out our full guide here

3. Speed Up Container Refills Using Dry-Erase Double-Sided Tape 

Refilling your diamond containers can be a real bore, especially when you have a large painting. You have your symbols on your vials, but your symbols are not on your bags of diamonds.  

The solution? Use Dry-Erase Tape and multi-colored markers to put the symbol, DMC code, and color on your container lids.

2. Use the "Checkerboard Method" for large areas with the same color

Going crazy over large areas with the same color? Mix things up (and keep your rows straight!) by using what we call the "Checkerboard Method."

Just place a diamond in every other box and then go back and fill in the spaces. You'll get a satisfying "click" when you fill in a blank space with a diamond!

1. Use baby wipes to fix damaged canvases

Whoops! Drop a piece of paper on your canvas? Just dampen the area with a baby wipe and then swipe away the crud! Wait a bit for the canvas to dry before continuing on your project. 

Have a hot tip or trick we missed? Leave it in the comments down below!


  • Cynthia

    Another way to travel with your diamond art is to roll it up into a clean towel that is larger than your canvas. Thanks for the tips! :-)

  • Brenda

    Any ideas on why the pink was keeps trying out in the pen tool? After awhile, even tho I keep the lid on the wax, it seems I have to keep reapplying the wax in the top of the pen tool and it falls out of the pen too. Please help???

  • Barbara Winters

    On some small DP’s sometimes the eye or other detail does not show up-I use a black marker on the finished DP and paint it in.

  • Sherrie Beckstead

    I have enjoying Paint With Diamonds. I have several done.

  • Karen

    Great tips

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