That "snap" as you pop your very last diamond into place. 

That "crackle" as you roll a pin over your completed Diamond Art. 

That "pop" as you finally get off the couch after Diamond Painting for hours 🤣

Diamond Painting is a super satisfying craft, as any addict can tell you. But what exactly makes it so satisfying? We scoured thousands of posts in our Paint With Diamonds Support Group to find our favorite "oddly satisfying" moments in Diamond Painting! 

7. Pouring out the exact number of drills you need for that section

Pouring the right amount of diamonds

"When you randomly pour out the exact number of drills you need for that section 👌😂" says Carla Redford. We couldn't agree more, it almost feels like divine intervention! After your 4th, 7th, or 12th kit, it begins to feel more intuitive!

Soulmates - Pouring Diamond Painting

6. Mixing up your leftover diamonds

"I cannot wait to do something creative with these. I find it so satisfying to mix the colors when I finish up" says Wendy Daiker‎. It's so cathartic to make your very own diamond confetti! There are countless fun things to do with leftover diamonds, so get creative!

Mixed Up Leftover Diamonds For Diamond Painting

"I know I will get shunned by some, but this gives me tons of pleasure to look at all the leftover colors. I’m going to use them to cover wooden letters of my name! It’ll look so beautiful" - Holly Marie. 

5. Sorting & organizing your diamonds

If you're not the type of person to appreciate chaos, take Lizzy Hash's approach. "This. Is. So. Satisfying. 😍  #OCDAtItsFinest." It's oddly satisfying to see the colors all sorted this way!

Sue Meehan asks, "Anyone find the sorting and organizing as much fun as the actual craft? 😁" I know I do, Sue!

4. Applying pressure to pop diamonds into place

If you like popping bubble wrap, you'll probably love popping diamonds into place! After you've finished a Diamond Painting, take a rolling pin and go over it while applying pressure. You'll hear a supremely satisfying "snap," crackle," and "pop" as you go back and forth!

Sarah Smith asks, "Is it just me or does anyone else find it extremely satisfying when you run your fingers over freshly laid drills and find ones that aren’t locked in yet and pop them back down?"

If you plan on displaying your diamond painting kit, check out How To Seal Your Finished Diamond Painting!

3. Using the multi-placer tool

When you get tired of the diamond-by-diamond approach, flip your pen over and start placing 3 or 5 diamonds at a time! The perfectly aligned rows are so satisfying to watch come together.

Marilou Abruscato says, "I love my 3 placer tool! It is great for larger areas." Where do you stand on the issue - do you prefer to go one-by-one, or use the multi-placer tool for your Diamond Painting Kits? Let us know in the comments!

2. Filling in a "Checkerboard" pattern

If you prefer to place diamonds one by one, the "Checkerboard Pattern" may be for you! In Diamond Painting, "checkerboarding" refers to the process of filling in every other square in an area with a large block of the same color, then going back and filling in the empty squares. 

"So satisfying #TeamTweezers" says Dawn Mattei‎, who enjoys that satisfying "SNAP" that you get when you fill in all the blanks. Plus, things go much faster and your rows are way more lined up. This method is ideal for all you tweezer lovers out there. 

"So much checkerboard. It's so satisfying to look at for some reason" says Codie Marie Samuelson‎. We couldn't agree more!

If you're dealing with a lot of the same color, mix things up for yourself! With Diamond Painting, there are a million ways to get creative. Robyn McMillan took it one step further and started making little "plots."

"The song 'Paint it Black' comes to mind when I work on this DP. I adopt a grid approach rather than the Checkerboard approach. Each grid is 100 diamonds and they are very satisfying to fill."

1. Putting in the LAST diamond

This one doesn't really need an explanation. If you've ever done a Diamond Painting Kit, you know there's no better feeling than putting that very last diamond where it belongs.

"How satisfying is putting in that last drill‎?" asks Vicki G. Olson. VERY, in our humble opinion. After so many hours of carefully applying thousands of tiny diamonds, there are few better feelings in the world! 


What's Your Most Satisfying Diamond Painting Moment? 

Did we miss an oddly satisfying moment in Diamond Painting? Let us know in the comments, or join our Facebook Support Group to become part of the family and submit your own!


  • Marrie Saunder said:


    May 17, 2023

  • Pauline Sweetman said:

    I done a glow in the dark dream catcher it came out so nice I’ve bought it again

    November 30, 2021

  • Bronwen said:

    My oddly satisfying moment is when I notice that I am actually smiling while I’m dotting, happy happy me.

    February 05, 2021

  • Kim said:

    I like the one-by-one. Keeps me busier longer!

    January 20, 2021

  • SHEI;A said:

    My husband is 83 and loves doing diamond painting JOHN WAYNE ones

    January 18, 2021

  • Karen Cowan said:

    I like larger prints like design size such as 30.5 X 30.5 or 42 X 52 cm.

    January 18, 2021

  • monica said:

    I have lots of paper patterns for what’s called ultra punch which I can’t do anymore. Eyes are bad. Anyway, do you think I would be able to put glue on the patterns and diamond paint on those also

    January 18, 2021

  • Georgina McGurran said:

    where can I buy the 3 placer tool that is shown in the 7 satisfying moments. Thank you Georgina

    January 18, 2021

  • Florence Gold said:

    My daughter gave me one to do and I loved it I have made several for Christmas presents and still doing them I also have my granddaughter that lives with me doing them to she says it takes a lot of stress away love Love them I will be doing lots more.

    January 18, 2021

  • janet paul said:

    i loved the thought of putting the beads into the drawing, but when i orferef the three paintings. the beads were so little that i had to give them to my grandchildren because they were so little my housmate and i could not do them. why are some of the beads look like squares that are slightly raised. i would love totry to do another one less complicated, with larger beads. and how do uou get the pointer applicator. thank you. GOD BLESS JANET PAUL

    January 14, 2021

  • JEANNIE GISH said:

    Talk about relaxing! I am the youngest of 6 in my family. I am also the caretaker of them as they are older, plus my 94 year old mother. I also have a full time job. This doesn’t leave much time to myself. I discovered this and was hooked! I can actually FEEL myself relax while diamond painting. It’s my new favorite thing to do and I love it so much!

    January 14, 2021

  • Cher A Buckwalter said:

    I took the owl picture to have framed. 3 people wanted to buy it or have me make them one. Sorry it was a Christmas present and I don’t have the time to sell them. I have bare walls waiting for pictures to be completed.

    January 14, 2021

  • BZ Shepard said:

    What a very fun article to have read this evening. Every single one of those things are true and most appreciated for the ways that people have shared. Thanks for taking the time to go and do the research and then, sharing it with all of us. Right now, I don’t have any more to add, but will look forward to reading more in the future ~ Thank you so much

    January 14, 2021

  • MIchelle Houlihan said:

    Having enough dots to complete your picture kit.

    January 14, 2021

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