You know what they say: April showers bring May Paint with Diamonds projects! After a winter filled with diamond painting, it’s time to spring clean and put those extra diamonds to good use! By now, you know the “drill” :)

Yet again, the crafty folks at the official Paint With Diamonds Support Group prove there's an endless amount of creative ways to use your leftover diamonds. Check out some that caught our eye!


12. These Treasure Chests Built for Queens  

One Love Jewelry Chest

Star Jewelry Chest

Becky Kearney & Angela Daley took their leftover diamonds and bedazzled these funky jewelry boxes. What a great way to brighten up the bathroom!

11. This Rainbow-rific Unicorn

Unicorn with Rainbow Hair

Amanda Cleveland blinged up a wooden unicorn for her brother’s birthday. How come that unicorn is prettier than I am 😂.


10. These Kitchen Wishes  "Hello" and "Thanks" Magnets

Debbie Jenkins created these adorable magnets for her fridge! “Thanks” for that incredible idea!


9. This Two For One White Tiger with Purple Eyes

Why paint one picture with diamonds when you can do two! Vicki Greig used her leftover diamonds to create another stunning picture. Look at that tiger’s eyes!


8. This Marvelous M

Wooden M Covered in Diamonds  

You can never go wrong decorating wooden letters with diamonds, and Jyll Manhoff Bender certainly proved that! You can find pattern templates online or freestyle and DIY.


7. This Mother’s Day Masterpiece  "My Hero, Mum" Heart Sign

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a leftover diamond creation may be the perfect Mother’s Day surprise! You could use this as a charm for a necklace, an ornament, or something to hang on the wall. Nice work, JC Downes!


6. This Sunny Encouragement

You Are My Sunshine Sign  

Deanda Farr Wilson had her 4-year-old grandson pick the colors, and she gave this bright piece to his mother for her birthday. There’s nothing better than giving someone an uplifting message!


5. This Beautiful Butterfly  Butterfly made of Diamonds

Now that it’s Spring, it’s the perfect time to break out the springtime decorations. If you don’t have anything, you can create your own, just like Luanna Gilbert did! You could even make a collection of colorful creatures.  


4. This Blinged-Out Birdhouse  

Bedazzled Birdhouse

I wish I was a bird so I could hang out at this house! This stunning birdhouse will look perfect in any yard. Mary Ann Tracy Loucks also painted flowers on the side. Stunning!


3. This Fantastic Frame

Paint with Diamonds Frame

You don’t want to create a design with your leftover diamonds? No problem! They look just as good mixed together as they do in any pattern. This gorgeous frame made by Kelly Berkley Ramsey looks store-bought!


2. This Warming Welcome   Butterfly "Welcome Friends" Sign

What’s better than a welcome mat? A welcome Diamond Painting! You don’t need a ton of leftover drills to create a stunning sign. We love it, Luanna Gilbert!


1. This Abstract Art  Home and Pattern Painting

Sometimes you can go off script and get creative. Rhona Rees designed this PWD project all by herself. It looks like it should be hanging in an art museum!


Do You Have an Idea For Leftover Diamonds?

Share it with the fine folks at the  Paint With Diamonds Facebook Support Group , and maybe you could be featured in our next blog post!



  • Laurel Reisdorph said:

    Kaleidoscope pages from an adult coloring book, using your dp stylus and a Dotz all purpose dotting adhesive. Many of my coloring books are good for this.

    May 02, 2022

  • Kim Smyth said:

    Where do you find templates on line?

    May 02, 2022

  • BobbieJo said:

    These are some great ideas… but what is used for the glue to stick them? Please email me the answer- do not refer me to Facebook… not an option!

    May 02, 2022

  • Janet said:

    What do you use for the adhesive for the dots to get it to adhere ?

    May 02, 2022

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