[PWD 101] EXPLAINED: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

Image courtesy of Ashley Honaker

If you're new to the wonderful world of Paint With Diamonds, you're probably a bit overwhelmed. Well, overwhelmed AND super excited to get started!

Well fear not, friend! We're here to hold your hand as you embark on your Paint With Diamonds journey!

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

Image courtesy of Mae Kraser‎

In our new PWD 101 series (PWD stands for Paint With Diamonds btw!), we'll walk new diamond painters through everything they need to know about this incredible new stress-relieving hobby. 

THIS WEEK: We're going to take a quick look at the difference between square drill and round drill diamond paintings!

DID YOU KNOW: In PWD, the term "diamond" can be used interchangeably with "resin" or "gem."

Square Vs. Round Drill: What's The Difference? 

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

In Paint With Diamonds, a "drill" simply refers to the shape of each individual diamond you'll be applying to your canvas. If it's confusing, just replace the world "drill" in your head with the word "diamonds." 

  • Square Drill --> Square Diamonds 
  • Round Drill --> Round Diamonds

In choosing between square and round drill, it's important to know that there are no right answers. As with so many things in life, this is more or less a subjective preference! Your goal should be to choose whichever shape that YOU personally think is most beautiful :).  

QUICK SIDE NOTE: "5D DIAMONDS" - Confused about what "5D Diamonds" are? This is essentially a marketing buzzword that refers to the shape of the diamonds. With the resin diamonds featured below, "5D" refers to the shape you see that so beautifully reflects light to make the diamonds sparkle! 

Square Drill (aka Square Diamonds)

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

What People Are Saying

Creates A Fuller, More Complete Looking Painting.

Square drill diamonds look a bit "cleaner" than round drill diamonds. They line up more easily and create a "fuller" mosaic look when enjoyed from a distance.

Square Diamonds Satisfyingly "Snap" Into Place. 

Sometimes it's the little things that matter! When you start making progress on a painting and begin filling in gaps, you get a satisfying "snap" and a sense of achievement, as dorky as that sounds! 

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill


Round Drill (aka Round Diamonds)

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

Easier (And Faster!) To Pick Up And Apply Diamonds.  

Round diamonds just seem to stick to the diamond pen better, making the transition seem more seamless. 

Finished Painting Feels Less "Complete." 

Given the round shape of the diamonds, gaps between diamonds may appear more apparent when you're close up with the painting. 

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill


Final Word - What Do Hardcore PWD Fans Think?

We polled our Paint With Diamonds Support Group audience, and the answer couldn't be clearer. Have a look for yourself! 

[Pwd 101] Explained: How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

The overwhelming majority prefers SQUARE over ROUND (383 vs 87!). In fact, almost twice as many of you are indifferent to whether your diamonds are square or round than actually prefer round! 


Do you agree with the consensus? Tell us why or why not in the comments down below! 


  • nancya518

    Have done both round and square and it’s true that the round are much easier and faster to pick up and place accurately. The square ones could be just as easy if someone would produce a square pen that is actually designed for the square diamonds and is not just a modified round pen. This would allow much more control and precise placement of the square drills. It’s very hard to straighten out a square drill with a round pen and usually you have to remove the diamond and do over. This makes doing the square paintings much slower and more aggravating. When viewed from a distance, as you are supposed to do, I see little difference in the end result. I have ordered one of the square pens and am hopeful even a modified pen will make placing square drill easier. Am awaiting a custom painting which is full square drill and am kind of dreading doing it unless the square pen I ordered works well. But I do like these projects- it’s kind of like zoning out for me.

  • Latresa D

    I love PWD!! I’ve used both round and square drills. My favorite still is the square. They seem to fill the canvas more than the round ones. I saw somewhere that there’s a square drill pen now and when I see it again, I’ll order it. But I love how the squares look and how they sound when they snap in. I’m working on my 5th PWD and I have several more to work on still.

  • Janet Golden

    I also hate the square drill. The drills or diamonds are not of a uniform size and that make lining them up a pain. I see more space between the drills than I do with the round drills. Some of the square drills are thinner, smaller, etc and some are bigger and wider. You have to be sure that you are paying close attention to what size you need and then you get a color where none of the fit where you need them. None of this happens with the round ones. As for the wrinkles, I read someone’s post on another site and they said they put a heavy towel on a hard surface, then the picture with the picture turned down on the towel. They then put another towel on top of that and use a warm iron (have to be careful with the heat) and iron the picture between the two towels. I have tried this and it worked for one picture and didn’t work very well on the other one. Love doing this and I must have close to 50 pictures to do.

  • Laural N.

    I prefer the round drills, I dont have the patience to line up the square ones

  • Susie Schend

    So how do you measure cm’s?

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